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That's who it was going through the clouds around I was like it. Is that full throttle?

We hear the students who are socially distancing out in the fields and out from the seminary building. For this fly open, which is now.

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Over Very cool. Very cool and they all have, but it's awesome and finally the song uh proud to be an American.

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That's what we need this morning exactly started with with health and some Hammon and now. Fly over under Twenty-eight heads they found a way we found a way we're gonna allow bonneville nő search day meet nő go by without uh we're ninety-three. We always find a way we find a way exactly but uh we were working allow this to be but saluting our veterans and dine three does as well as.

Idaho and so so this is Tom he's to us all the way from Wisconsin. He's he's very excited to see the green and yellow. Instrumental in establishing in law and he's now working on bills. To start to this epidemic. And we're just super excited to have you here.

Now over Idaho falls. Kinda stick with it, maybe I'll come back and who knows.

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They weren't sure if it was gonna happen because of the conditions, but it cleared out. I mean it's I mean it's still uh cloudy but.

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It was perfect, it was perfect exactly right on az internet megismerni valakit, too. It was right on, so it's heading to the north and West.

We'll see if it picks back to the right now, you are a connoisseur of planes all things planes on his phone where he can track people's flights and watch planes and uh.

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The bucket list for you, it was fun to see and Marsha and I just the day and how special that was and as it disappears out of you and um how special this day has been for for you and I to uh to be able to go to these schools and we look at the community that's come out as well. Yeah, this isn't lined up.

Shout out to we're so proud of you and love you on mom and dad. Shout out to our beautiful Comes the home the uh the House, the Hillcrest Heights marching band and see them marching their way over. Doesn't work. That's a great mom.

We have all sorts of cars. We saw our buddy Tony Blakely taking pictures firefighters came out to see it.

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This is really cool. That nicely nicely done.

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Don't you bonneville nő search food for trucks down there too food might be a little late in the fall Valley. I'm sure they're right on time so there you go fly over there. We go beautiful tribute nicely done.

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