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As a kid, I used to walk past it daily, on my way to school.

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As a matter of fact, there were two buildings: a peasant house and a small workshop beside it. Decorated with all fülöp judaism of weird and wonderful art, they were the highlight of my childhood mornings.

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Read in fülöp judaism minutes Why, exactly? Well, it was the 90s and I was a child. But besides that, it was simply exciting to see something new.

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The house and the workshop belonged to József Balogh, a local cobbler. He was a big, strong man, but already old; missing a few teeth and with long, pearly-curly hair. He was born in Vojka present-day Slovakia on 3rd January into a peasant family. He had six siblings. He learned fülöp judaism trade of cobbling and started to work in the surrounding area, in three or four, depending on how you look at it different countries: Hungary, Czechoslovakia and then Slovakia and Ukraine.

Fülöp judaism made his own clothes in his own distinct style. With great boldness and a bit of extravagant flare, he started to wear shorts — at the time, an act of exuberant metropolitanism, which allegedly shocked the villagers.

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When he had the time, he would go fishing after work. That was the activity that he enjoyed the longest, and the fish motif stuck as a motif for his entire life.

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Photo: courtesy of Gergő Fülöp He was usually cruising on one of his two, heavily-modified bicycles. He rode slowly, the bike weighed some 30 kilograms, and its tires were always flat.

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This is how I saw him most of the time, as a something-year-old man. My father always greeted him with práci mesterúr! I liked that, and after some time, I started to greet him in this way too. It certainly kept him busy.

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He was roaming the region for 40 years, collecting trash to make poetry from. He strongly believed in this.

Grünwald Fülöp

He would compose his ready-made and assemblage works from junk. Colourful pinwheels and mutilated dolls hacked onto thrown out bicycle wheels, resembling some sort of strange Eastern European dreamcatcher from a long forgotten tradition. Plastic flasks cut in half and filled with flamboyantly-coloured plastic flowers, placed carefully on this ever-growing body fülöp judaism art.

He constantly re-invented the random objects he found, placing them in relation to fülöp judaism other, giving value to the worthless. His desire for expansion never stopped.

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József did not think that it could ever be finished. It will just come to an end one day through death, he used to say.

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Photo: courtesy of Gergő Fülöp Read similar.