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Wheel-barrel walks.

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Kids love this because they NEED it. Paediatric Occupational Therapist here who yeets children into pillows for félelem flörtöl living.

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We all seek proprioceptive input, leaning against walls, pushing against the steering wheel when driving, giving your body a squeeze to wake yourself up, the list goes on! I start wrestling with them, crashing them into pillows, giving their body the right amount of input they need to feel good and organised.

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And suddenly, this kid is able to sit and play attentively or do their handwriting practice. If you litvánok know to know more about why the vestibular and proprioceptive systems are awesome at making your body feel good, google those two words and sensory processing and read through some occupational therapy websites!

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I need to feel differently in order to function better! Get a drink of water and drink it through a straw OR blow bubbles into the water way more fun!

Escape from Crimea: the ecologist (NATO Review)

Long story short, everyone has a sensory system and we all use regulation strategies litvánok know the ones listed above to help make our body feel better. So if you ever see someone especially kids!

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