Meet conjugaison parfé. Des pyramides du pouvoir aux réseaux de savoirs - Tome 1

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The vowels are a, e, i, o, o, u, u. If these be the marks of protracted sounds in speaking, they are distinguished by an acute accent, as: a, e, i, d, 0, ii, li; instead of the forms o, li, the shorter forms 6, u, have been introduced recently. When an Englishman, mentions a long i and a short i, we understand two distinct sonnds; hence, in mile, the i will be long, the syllable mi may be protracted or not.

On the contrary, in the Hungarian language, the duration or the abbreviation of the sound will make the sound long or short.

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Csink hung. For the other consonants there are no articulations in the English language, and therefore the correct pronunciation must be acquired by hearing speakers who are well acquainted with the language. The consonant cz is articulated like ts in the English language, equal to the German z.

Des pyramides du pouvoir aux réseaux de savoirs - Tome 1

Approximate articulations for the consonant gy are produced in the English language by the con- sonant d followed by a long u, as in dueduce etc. The consonant ly is identical with the Meet conjugaison parfé il, ille etc.

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The Articulation of ny is like the French gne in campagne, champagne etc. Ty is the. Meet conjugaison parfé the most difficult articulations are those of gy and ty ; the latter being a sharp articulation of the former, they are in the same relation to each other as the English syllables du and tu, in the words due and tube. The fourteen different marks for the sounds may be arranged in the following scheme, a, identical with the EngUsh a in Father.

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In mono- syllables, as te, meg, etc. I is equal to the English long e in dear, deed etc.

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A verVdeep and unclear sound of a short e. Uy identical with the English u in bull. M, identical with the French u in une, je fus meet conjugaison parfé.

The Hungarian language requires each articu- lation and sound to be given distinctly and plainly; there is no mute vowel or unarticulated consonant in any word whatever; even the concurrence of two consonants is noticed by a distinct articulation of each of them. It seems to be like the Latin assimilation of j to i in iambus, instead of jambus ; the only distinction is, that in the Hungarian language j is precedet, in Latin followed by a vowel.

In order to facilitate the learning of the pro- nunciation of consonants and meet conjugaison parfé which have the same articulation and sounds as the Enghsh, the following short arrangement of English words spelt in the Hungarian Alphabet, is subjoined. English words.

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